A problem well-put is half-solved.

John Dewey

Sonja Pejcic is a recent graduate from Queen’s University, where she completed her MASc in Mechanical Engineering. Sonja is striving to continue learning beyond her formal education, through writing short articles focused on her passion for sustainability and environmental conservation.

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On the grid

Today I would like to present a brief overview on the methods behind generating Canada’s electricity and their associated contributions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 2018, Canada produced just under 650 terawatt hours of electricity. This is the amount of electricity one would need to power a single 5W lightbulb for 14,840,182,650 years. Okay, … Continue reading On the grid

What did Paris agree to?

Quick reminder that design is an iterative process, and so is this website! As promised, let’s start by a quick overview of the Paris Agreement. In December of 2015, members of the UN at COP21 reached a consensus on an agreement to work towards a sustainable, low carbon future, and to combat climate change. The … Continue reading What did Paris agree to?

Introduction, continued

It’s been one full week since my MASc defense! I’ve been keeping myself busy trying to brush up on AutoCAD skills, and working on my French. This morning I saw an ad for Climate Risk Virtual Week, an event hosted by The Economist, which I thought would be a great use of my time, but … Continue reading Introduction, continued